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IOS 14 - Update required

ยท One min read

If you're a member of IAPHUB you should have already received an email from us a month ago about the upcoming release of IOS 14.

We would like to remind everyone that your react-native-iaphub library must be up to date in order to support IOS 14!

A bug has been found in react-native-iap on IOS 14 (which is a dependency of react-native-iaphub) causing the promise of the buy method to not resolve!

The fix has been deployed in the version 4.5.2 of react-native-iap (PR here) and the react-native-iap dependency version has been updated in the version 4.1.0 of react-native-iaphub.

Even if you've updated the react-native-iaphub library we recommend double checking that you've the latest version of react-native-iap.

Do not forget that after updating the library using npm you must call pod install as well to update the Objective-C files of the react-native-iap library.