Test In-app purchases

Configure sandbox testing

Before testing a purchase, you must be sure your app is configured correctly for sandbox testing.
Sandbox testing is critical for testing yout implementation and will allow you to purchase products without being charged.

Configure sandbox testing for Android
Configure sandbox testing for IOS


You must use a real device to test your in-app purchases.


You must use a unique bundle id for your app, having different bundle ids for production/staging/dev will cause issues.

Sandbox subscription renewals

Sandbox subscriptions renew more quickly than normal to aid in testing.
The following table identifies the sandbox renewal times for subscriptions of various durations.


Real durationDuration in sandbox
1 week3 minutes
1 month5 minutes
2 months10 minutes
3 months15 minutes
6 months30 minutes
1 year1 hour


Real durationDuration in sandbox
1 week5 minutes
1 month5 minutes
3 months10 minutes
6 months15 minutes
1 year30 minutes

Sandbox subscriptions will renew a maximum of 6 times.

Implement IAPHUB in your app

Install the IAPHUB library and follow the instructions in the README: