Create listing


You may be thinking what's a listing?
Well on IAPHUB a listing is an object containing the products you have for sale.

Edit listing

Click on the Add product link to add a product.
If a product doesn't appear it is because you did not create it on the products page.

If you're selling renewable subscriptions, since itunes allows upgrading/downgrading a subscription to another product of the same group from the App Store settings.
When you add a product that belongs to a subscription group, you must return all the products of the group.

Also do not forget to save after you're done editing the listing.

Copy previous listing

When you edit a new listing it is by default empty.
An option is available to load the configuration of your previous listing.
You just have to click on the 'three dots' icon (next to the save button) and click on Load config of previous version, a modal should appear.

Publish listing

Saving a listing isn't enough to make it available to your users, you must publish it.

If you already had a listing published, an option will offer you to unpublish your previous listing. Unpublishing a listing is necessary to allow the users that already loaded a previous listing to load the new one.
You may want to keep the previous listing published in the case you want to publish your changes for new users only.

Smart listing

If you're wondering what's the Smart Listing option you can enable, I would recommend take taking a look here.