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Webhooks - User id update

A new user ID is available.

This webhook is triggered in the following scenarios:

  • When an anonymous user (not logged in) with purchases logs in.
  • When the user ID of a user with purchases is updated via the API.

If you're using the deprecated V1 version of webhooks, this webhook is also triggered when a user restores its purchases with a different user id. We recommend upgrading your app to the latest version (v2).

Request body

StringOld user id
StringNew user id


type: 'user_id_update',
version: '2.0.0',
oldUserId: 'a:62785074-8f32-42a5-b86b-90dbd79ce212',
newUserId: '42785074-8f32-42a5-b86b-90dbd79ce215'