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Stop wasting time & resources to reinvent the wheel.We developed all the tools you need to sell in-app purchases & subscriptions, manage your customers and grow your revenue.

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We have implemented fair pricing that scales with the size of your business.Support us with a small monthly fee based on your tracked revenue on IAPHUB.Thanks to your support we’re working hard on improvements and new features that will ultimately help you save a ton of time and grow your revenue.

We ❤️ startups and indie developers

We’ve been where you are, working tirelessly to make a dream come true and profitable.Nowadays In-App purchases play a huge role in monetizing mobile applications but it is unfortunately very complex and time consuming to implement it correctly.But you’re lucky we’re actually trying to fix that, we're making In-App purchases as easy as possible so you can spend your precious time on your project.Our goal is to help you make that dream profitable.

We understand your needs

As a bootstrapped startup with extensive experience in the mobile industry we understand your needs.We do not have any investors behind us pushing us to make huge profits, we’re funded directly by our amazing community and we thank them by working hard and fast to deliver the improvements and features they need.Believe us maintaining your own backend to handle your In-App purchases will end up being costly, we’re glad we can help thousands of developers for a fraction of the cost.

How does it work?

You can start using IAPHUB and test your implementation with sandbox transactions for free (no credit card required).When everything works and you’re ready to deploy in production, you can upgrade your IAPHUB plan in order to process real transactions.At the end of your plan each month, we’ll calculate your monthly tracked revenue (MTR) on IAPHUB (no worry, we do not count sandbox transactions).Your subscription cost will be calculated based on your MTR:

Additional taxes may apply depending on your country.
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VAT (Value Added Tax, sometimes known as GST or Sales Tax), is a tax on purchases. VAT must be collected on digital products sold to consumers within the EU, on certain inter-state US transactions, and in a growing number of other countries. It is charged on top of the sale price of a product, and must be returned to the relevant tax authority i.e. the governing body at the buyer’s location.

Our payment processor Paddle will charge VAT if required.
See rates per country here

Most countries exempt registered businesses from VAT (you'll just have to enter your VAT ID when you start your subscription).

All features included in any plan level

Some SaaS will limit the features you can use depending on your plan level.Not with us, we believe anyone should be able to use the full set of features we can offer.
You won’t have any surprise when you’ll need a feature you maybe do not need right now.

Receipt validation
All charts and metrics
Unlimited collaborators
Premium support
A/B testing
Custom user tags
Product segmentation

And much more to come 🚀