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User tags


One of the most powerful features we have is definitely user tags.
This feature will allow you to save custom data about your user on IAPHUB.

Create tags

You must create the tag on the IAPHUB dashboard before being have to send it.
In order to do so, go to the Tags page available in the left menu.
Then click on the 'three dots' icon in the top bar, click on Create tag and a modal should appear.

You only have to provide two parameters, the name of the tag and if you allow updating the tag from the client.
Updating the tag from the client means updating the tag from your app using the IAPHUB SDK, instead of updating the tag from your server using the IAPHUB API (which is more secure).

Post tags

You have two options to post a tag:

  • From the IAPHUB SDK if posting from the client is allowed
  • From your server by using our API

All the tags you post will be visible on the user profile of the IAPHUB dashboard.

Smart listing

It is possible to use your user tags in a smart listing.
Meaning you can sell different products depending on a tag (or multiple tags)!